Hello! Hello!

So I have decided to migrate my random writings from my normal social medias to here. I’ll  still post on those of course but I don’t really need to treat those like my blogs anymore. I found out sharing opinions, even when they are entirely personal and I can prove my point with facts, it can make people’s panties in a twist.

I thought we were supposed to get along with others even when we have differing opinions. Just because you believe a certain way doesn’t mean you dislike me as a person and vice versa in all the combinations! Yeah I get it, when I wrote that post that I guess is kinda the situation you’re in… And when you asked if it was about you I said, “No, it wasn’t. But if for some reason it bothers you, then maybe you should seek some soul searching and look into therapy.”

APPARENTLY that reply is considered rude. But people tell me to go to therapy all the time even when I’m acting just a little off. Or even to the hospital. Which I sometimes go…. But the moment I mention therapy to someone else NOPE NOPE  NOPE. People are truly whack man. I just like to type my thoughts out.  Sorry if it offends anyone… I don’t want to offend or be mean to anyone. I can’t judge anyone personally so why would anyone consider me to do so?

Maybe my autism gives me extra sneaky powers… and if it does… Why don’t I know more about it and why can’t  I use it for anything that is actually beneficial?!?!

I’m nothing but a clown on the inside, secretly.

And look, it’s me and my Doodlebug!

I love him so so so much!  My love of my life! My beating heart. The only one I ever want <3

I wonder if those people  I upset will be mad at me when they find out we’re getting married next year. ^_^;; I mean… they are his friends, not mine. (Well, people he’s working on a project with he likes to remind me.) I  don’t think they even realize we are engaged! OH WELL.   heeheehee